Sunday 26 January 2014

winter wearables

Entering month six and hopefully exiting the worst of winter.  Having what I consider a mild winter this year has really helped my situation.  More than ever I am relying on all the clothes in my closet, regardless of season, to give me more outfit options.  It's been a real wake-up call that over the past 20 weeks I have not repeated the same outfit.  Clearly, I do not need to shop.

Here are a few snapshots of my winter wears.

I'm learning to really love the experience of putting together new outfits using pieces I would normally never have thought to pair.  More honestly, I wasn't using as much creativity to pair things because when you always have new things, every outfit feels effortlessly fashion forward and satisfying.  

I'll tell you what would really satisfy me though... a clause that would let me buy the fab five pictured below that I've recently come accross.  Every outfit would be perfect if I had these to cycle in!

Clockwise from top Left:
1. Leather and Wool Vest 
2. Christopher Kon Toni Satchel w/ Cross Body 
3. Oversized Knit Sweater 4. William Rast Faux Fur Hooded Parka 
5. Sperry Top-Sider suede lace up Princeton Bootie

To end this post off today, I share with you a more personal picture— a shameful screenshot of me almost begging for this handbag.  Sometimes this is really, really hard!

Pressing onward,
Sarah xo

Unbuyer's Tip #10: It's ok to feel proud of yourself for a job well done— let the lifestyle choice you are making sink in and take a moment to truly appreciate your inner strength.

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