Wednesday, 27 November 2013

two shades of grey

It's the last week of November and I have just passed my three month mark.  Time is either passing very quickly, or slower than can be handled, depending on how optimistic I am when you ask.  

I get asked a lot of things.  Most recently I was asked how my "month of no shopping" went.  Ha!  Wouldn't that have been lovely!  Those who know me well ask how I'm handling the lack of new things, and those who know me better ask if I've cheated yet.

Have I cheated?  Turns out things aren't quite as black and white as I thought, and this past weekend I found myself pushing the boundaries. 

I knew this time of year would be difficult because it calls for shopping.  November is a birthday heavy month for friends and family and of course Christmas can't come without ribbons or tags, without packages boxes or bags!  I've been very purposeful on my outings, but to my detriment, I am cursed with a wandering eye.

As my sister and I were out looking for a birthday gift for our brother, a flash of geometric velvet caught my eye.  Velvet.  The classiest and most classic of Christmas party dress fabrics.  I knew I'd gone too far when I walked closer to inspect...  "Erin, I need this!  I really need it!" the pleading began.  

I decided at the beginning of this process that I am not a charity case.  I will not beg or barter to get things that I want.  But with only four short weeks until Christmas, was it an impossibility to ask for this as my Christmas gift... and to get it early?

Grey area number one— I asked for the dress, and I got it early.

Next, my attention was grabbed by a smack of berry colour.  This time my want was paired with practical necessity.  Since getting my laptop almost a year ago I have been on the lookout for a case that I don't hate.  Dangerous but true, when I'm on the go I just throw my laptop in my handbag or suitcase without a thought towards its preservation.  Upon seeing a case that could pass as a clutch, I knew it was the one we (my laptop and I) had been waiting for. 

Grey area number two— I bought the case.

These two new items have been weighing on my conscience.  Though neither technically break my unbuying commitment, I may have gone too far and am left feeling guilty.  

Help me decide by placing your vote in my comments below!  Should I stop fretting, or keep regretting?!

Unbuyer's Tip #7: Don't give in to your peripheral vision, always look up!

Friday, 8 November 2013

the three r's

During the past few weeks I have started settling into an understanding of what not having new clothes truly means.  I've been challenged to accept my closet for what it is, and in doing so have finally seen myself becoming more creative and resourceful.  Here are a few of the ways I have remixed, reused and recycled my way through October.

I've been having tons of fun pairing items in new ways to get the feeling of new clothes!  I'm aware that some of my attempts may have as much fashion sense as a pile of laundry, but I tend to believe that true head turning style comes from pushing the boundaries.

My girlfriends know me for having a dress collection of uncalled for quantity.  Now living in a mostly west-coast-casual city, weddings and Christmas parties are the most glammed up opportunities that typically come my way.  With each classy event, I have added a new classy outfit, and re-wearing the same dress has never been an option.  As it turns out, I was actually thrilled to wear one of my single appearance favourites to a friend's wedding in Vancouver. 

Every Halloween I look forward to stretching my creative abilities and aim to come up with the best representation of a character that is not me.  On October 31st I take pride in the level of thought that has gone into my costume— after all, costume contests are won or lost in the details.  This year was particularly painful for me as I wasn't able to buy any accessories or clothing items to make up the perfect persona.  I was lucky to have a friend pitch an idea that was both witty and could be made of household goods!

Top Row: 2013 Costume - Bad News
Bottom Row L to R: 2009 Kat Von D, 2010 Chola, 2011 Roy Lichtenstein Pop Art

Unbuyer's Tip #6: Get creative with what you have in your closet— don't be afraid to experiment!