Wednesday 8 January 2014

new year's resolution - free to good home

Here we are at the beginning of a new year, and though I admit to stepping into 2014 with the rest of you, I began my new year back in August.  Having already taken on the biggest challenge and lifestyle change I could have imagined for myself, I am opting out of setting my new year's resolution.  Since I won't be using mine, I am offering it up to one of you.

I would like to see my resolution go to a loving home.  A home that truly needs it and whose life could be changed for the better by it.  If you are a shopping addict like I am (unite!), I would like to give you this resolution of no shopping for a year.  If I can do it, believe me, you can too!!

I have just watched myself make it through the busiest shopping and biggest sales season of the year.  Staying true to a coping habit I formed early on in this journey, I continue to take photos of things that I would have bought had I been able.  

Here are a few quick snapshots of the holiday decor pieces and items for the home that I would have picked up!

Cozy Christmas

Silver and Sleek

So to the might be recipient of my resolution; check yourself.  Do you need this as much as I did?  Or as my 4-year-old nephew would say "Do you wanna do something awesome?  You're gonna love it!"  Let me know if this is for you, it's yours for the taking!

Happy 2014 ~ wishing all unbuyers much strength and success this year!
Sarah xo

Unbuyer's Tip #9: Find an adaptive coping mechanism that helps you feel better and make it through the moment.

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