Tuesday 24 December 2013

better to borrow than receive

I have just hit the four month mark.  And somehow have gotten this far without whining here on the blog about my home decor withdrawal.  Well here it goes!

Thus far it may appear as though my larger passion is fashion, but that would be misleading.  Decor and how I keep my home is just as important, and sometimes more!  I have a pinch of obsessive personality disorder, and keeping things tidy, in place, and pleasing to the eye is a necessity for me to be able to relax and enjoy my time at home.  I love expressing myself in how I decorate, and until this challenge began, I was changing furniture pieces and accent items in the condo almost as often as I was buying new shoes.  I kid you not when I say that the folks at Home Sense likely believe I had a fatal accident in late August...

Fast forward to winter and I'm already on my second seasonal overhaul.  Fall was pretty basic with bringing more warm colours, throw blankets, and candles out, but Christmas is a much bigger deal!  Not being able to add new items was tough, especially since I feel a lot of my tastes have changed in the last year.  To fill in some of the gaps, I reached out to my Mom (who I can likely blame for my obsession with interior design and decorating) to ask if I could come borrow some items she wouldn't be using around the house.  

After my little "shopping trip" to the parent's place I came back with a few vintage glass baubles, a lace table runner for my hutch, a gold serving tray, and a few other country Christmas gems.  

With our home all decked for the season, I put my feet up, pour a glass of red, and listen to some crooners sing Christmas. 

May your holidays be bright!

Unbuyer's Tip #8: Be resourceful, borrow when necessary!