Sunday 5 October 2014

first haul: back at the rack

So it took me a couple weeks, but I finally went shopping. I was in LA for work last month and found myself back at a familiar place. Nordstrom Rack Beverly Centre. The place that some might say expedited my downward spiral into consumer gluttony.

With a handful of saved up cash, I hit the racks. I've gotten picky over the last twelve months, and now truly understand the value of good quality and classic pieces that can be worn often and remixed easily.

Breaking my dry spell was not exciting. At all. It's hard to put in such an effort to stop something; an action, a feeling; and then reintroduce yourself to it. As soon as I walked out, bags in tow, I was overwhelmed with guilt. So I went and ate my face off at Katsuya. Who am I kidding, I would have done that anyway.

More seriously, I realize that learning how to shop again in a healthy way will take time. I know I will find my balance. The place where I feel the freedom of being in control alongside the desire to want and permission to have.  In the meantime, I am the proud (and remorseful) owner of seventeen new additions to my closet. 

Of the above, I have only de-tagged and worn one item, despite going on week three since my shopping haul. As I noted earlier this year in my blog, I buy and hoard. The more special the item, the longer it will take me to wear. Think Gollum and the Ring.

Wanting to try and break this habit and allow myself to enjoy my new pieces, while at the same time answering the question that so many of you have been asking me ("what have you bought!?"), I plan to wear one new item every day this week. Though I feel anxious just thinking of this, you can expect another post next weekend showcasing some of my new fall must haves!

Until then,


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