Wednesday 14 May 2014

poppin' tags

Today was a mini-milestone day.  I used to be famous for having a closet full of lovely unworn clothing, tags still on.  When girlfriends came a-borrowing they stepped into a walk-in-closet boutique where they were often the first to wear one of my sitting pretty pieces.

I've never been the type to wear a just purchased item right away.  I savour them.  The newness.  A box of Nine Wests can sit at the end of my bed unopened for two weeks.  A never washed pair of AG jeans, still folded in the bag, for even longer.  Sometimes it could bring me just as much joy to know it was there, and new, than as if I were wearing it for all to see.  It hasn't always been about the outfit or the styling of it.  Sometimes the having of it was the best part.  I found that once the tag was off and the flashy new friend was in circulation, the love remained, but the rush was gone.

I've gone months and even years before wearing a new item or "beginning" a new hand bag.  The more I wanted it, the happier I am to have it, the longer it typically takes to cut the cord.  The one with the price tag attached.

Today, I wore the last truly new article in my closet.  I bought it in Los Angeles last June and loved it ever since.  Hanging white lace, just waiting.

Today, I was poppin' tag.

Sarah xo

Unbuyer's Tip #14: Take a moment to truly appreciate the luxuries you spend your money on.  If it was worth having, it's worth savouring.

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