Sunday 27 April 2014

moving up

As of April 1st we've been living in a new home, and as of April 23rd I'm four months from the end of my year.  It's scary how time flies and how new situations and new habits can feel normal in no time.

Less than a month in our new condo and it almost feels like we've been here all along.  That might partly be because we are still actually in the same condo building, we just moved up in the world.  From the fifth floor to the ninth.

When I found out we were moving I had some major anxiety over the redecorating fever that was to come.  How could I possibly set up a new home without new items— picked out perfectly for each room, each wall, each spacial inspiration!?  The daydreaming has begun and I'm making a list for September!
metallic throw pillows | brushed gold floor lamp | picture frame artwork
globe lamp | overexposed photography | 1960's teak dresser

leather butterfly chair | mid-century modern brass lamp | aztec rug | modern industrial cabinet

floor length track curtains | restored french provincial dresser

I feel inspired and can't wait to get going with the new decor come fall.  In the meantime, if you happen to be over, please know we are a work in progress!

Sarah xo

Unbuyer's Tip #13: When you can't do, dream!  Exercise your creativity by making virtual design boards.

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