Wednesday 18 September 2013

rock 'n' blog

I went to a rock show last weekend and I was tempted.  In my younger single years it would have been the lead singer, or maybe the bassist...but it was all merch this time.  

There are two trends that I'm loving right now due to the versatility and comfort level— as well as the great opportunity to express your personal taste in music or animals.  That's right!  I'm crazy about band t-shirts and animal faces!  Here are some great examples of how to style these trends.

Now imagine seeing these two trends legitimately combined.  Mind blown.  Cue uncontrollable desire, so strong it masquerades as need.  Australian band, Airbourne, hit the fashion nail on the head when they had their latest album-cover-turned-t-shirt designed.  

One thousand ways to wear Black Dog Barking flashed before my eyes, and the situation carried out as follows.

Me: "Ryan I need that t-shirt.  I reeeally need it!"
Ryan: "Blog about it."

Unbuyer's Tip #4: Prepare for unexpected temptation by finding a healthy replacement and focusing on that. 

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