Friday 23 August 2013

my name is Sarah, and I'm a shopaholic

Today is my birthday.  And I’m going to do something big.

Inspired by the recent story of a friend who refrained from purchasing new clothes and accessories for an entire year, challenged to truly use the abundance of her closet, I begin my own year of “consumer abstinence”.

Easier said than done, I plan to stop purchasing all home decor, clothing, shoes, jewelry and accessories for the next year (with the exception of allowing myself 4 new items during a previously booked shopping trip with my bestie this fall). I will be using this space to document my journey and to offer tips I learn along the way. But why am I doing this?

Fashion and interior decor are my creative outlet, my passion— but they are also my addiction. Over the next three hundred and sixty five days, I hope to purge myself of the unquenchable desire to have new and have more.  My goal is to find peace, and deeper ways to express my creativity.

Feeling the truth behind the quote “every possession is an anchor”, I cannot wait to become unbound!

~ Sarah

Unbuyer’s Tip #1: Be honest with yourself.

a small glimpse


  1. Great idea. Wishing you every success of your goal and your journey :)

  2. holy guacamole at least you have items to pull from :) Yay excited to see what transpires!

    1. Haha! And this is only partial view of walk-in closet number one!!

  3. Can I have your wardrobe?!

    I've been a student for the past four years unable to buy things! I'll be doing the opposite next year when I finally get a real, paid job!

    Wishing you all the best though!

    1. Thank you Kim!
      I should be taking tips from you on how to get through this year!!